Discussions about Tafsir and Learning Services

“Moddaker” program is like the other Islamic learning programs, but has its own features over them and they might have over it, as well as the approved book of the program. Consequently, this section came to draw attention to those interested in such Tafsir discussions, whether they were in support of the idea of the program or in support of another idea.

Why the book of “Almokhtasar fi Tafsir al-Qur’an al-Karim”?

  • There are many books of Qur’an interpretation, and there are ones which are oldest and most famous than the book of “Almokhtasar fi Tafsir al-Qur’an al-Karim”, but the educational process needs features that we think most of them are available in our chosen book.
  • It was particularly compiled for the contemporary Muslim who wants to strengthen his relationship with the book of his Lord. Therefore, he is targeted by this “Moddaker” program.
  • It adopts the easiest language and clearest words, which facilitate the educational process.
  • Shedding light only on a brief interpretation without elaborating in rulings and issues that might not help in getting focus on the intended meaning.
  • The innovative use of coloring to distinguish the explained strange words, which give a distinctive educational feature for learners, thusly the interpretation and explanation of the strange words are in one way combined.
  • Mentioning only one saying when there are multiple sayings in the one verse, in a way that helps the beginner to learn to master, then expands later on in the future according to his interest and energy.
  • Some beneficial points of the verses mentioned in the bottom of each page, for the reason that they open the door for the learner to acquire skills in contemplation and reflection.
  • There are many educational services attached to “Almochtasar”, the most important of which is the availability of a distinguished bank of questions, which helps the learner to check his understanding and perception.