What they said about “Moddaker”?

Opinions of learners of previous batches

AlhamduliLlah having completed the Moddaker program, I feel I have a better understanding of the Quran and am more inquisitive about the meaning when I hear the recitation or read

Alhamdulillah for His bounties to let me tread this way of getting closer to Him by pondering and taking lessons of the Qur’an in beautiful journey with Modakker Program

This Program is very well organized and structured and the Tafsir is well comprehended. I would recommend this to all people from all walks of life to go through this fulfilling journey towards understanding of the Qur’an

It has always been my intention to study the whole Qur’an. And I have accomplished it within 2 years with Moddaker Program bi iznillah. This maybe the end of my study life with Moddaker Program but the sweet and joyous journey of understanding the manual of life will pursue till my life ends

I am glad to be a part of this course because I have learned and understand the words of Allah. Each test and exam bring me closer to Allah

No words can described my sincere gratitude to all those responsible to making this Program a reality. May Allah rewards them with Jannatul Firdausil al- A’laa. Ameen ya Rabb!

The Comprehension Quizzes, and Tests and Exams lead me to deeper understanding and further strengthen my Iman as I passed the journey from one surah to another surah till the end of the Qur’an