What they said about “Moddaker”?

Opinions of learners of previous batches about (Moddaker Arabic)

“The biggest achievement for me is that I everyday read the book of Allah for the interpretion and reflection (a wish that might be for many, like me, has been fulfilled through all factors provided by Moddaker, by the grace of Allah, and then by their blessed and thankful efforts – in terms of posting the program to those who are interested and scheduling it in an effortless and easy way,,, as well as the presence of the supporter, the helpful companions through an interactive channel, along with pledging the learner to take tests, comprehension and weekly questions)”.

“I reflect upon some verses, especially with the family … praise be to Allah … I hold the book and read while I am among them, then I ask about the meaning of some verses, no one could answer … then I read to them the interpretation noticing them how they surprise and impress that their understanding is far from the correct meaning of the verse … So, for you is all our supplication and may Allah reward you”.

“In the introductory part, we learned the explanation of Surat Al-Falaq, in which it is mentioned that you seek refuge in Allah – while reading it – from every evil that comes from a human being or a creature, then I learn to seek refuge with it from the evil of my husband or the evil of my sons or any human being, so the effect was clear, praise be to Allah”.

“Moddaker helped me in my Tafsir research related to the study of the Noble Quran.”

“Praise be to Allah … I feel that my interest has increased in seeking the Hereafter, and I expect that the study of the interpretation of the Qur’an will be an incentive for me to complete it, because there is a big difference between memorizing without understanding the meanings and memorizing after reflection and understanding the meanings. I ask you to pray for us to easily compele memorizing the book of Allah”.

“Reflection upon the Qur’an is not impossible, I felt the sense that the great meanings of the Qur’an are leaking into my heart. I fear in my prayers when coming accross a verse that I have studied its meaning and requirements. I have a project: it is reflection upon the Qur’an and making the Qur’an a path for my life. I ask Allah, the Almighty, the All-Hearing, the All-Responding, to be pleased with you and reward you with the best reward, and to deprive your bodies from the fire of hell, and to enter you and us in the paradise which is as wide as the heavens and the earth.”

“Peace be upon you, May Allah bless you and cause you benefit others through this blessed effort. I myself benefited from it a great benefit!. Nearly 4 years, I was lost searching interpretation of Qur’an, or rather I did not find what suits my circumstances and abilities to have a comprehensive overview on the meanings of Qur’an. Then Allah honors me with your program. May Allah anable me complete it and bless you.”

“We thank the team of Moddaker for facilitating the study, taking into account the individual differences and social conditions, and providing written and audio-tafsir lessons in various social media with good organization and caring … May Allah be thankful to you.”

“Moddaker Program is a very useful program for anyone wishing to understand the meanings of the Noble Qur’an. I highly recommend it and wish success to those who are in charge of it”.

“Earlier, I used to sleep while surfing on social media. Nowadays, I often spend my time reading Almokhtasar..”

“My study of the interpretation of the Noble Qur’an on the platform of Moddaker was a reason for my interest in ‘Al-khataba’, elocution. I began to love the interpretation and understand the verses of the Noble Qur’an in a different way than before, which encouraged me to constantly read the interpretations of verses and perceive the meanings and benefit from them and cause others to benefit as well. I would like to tell you that you have been very successful in making the book of Allah the Almighty in the hearts of many Muslims and succeeded in directing young people on social media platforms into what is beneficial to them through this great Islamic project (Diploma of Almokhtasar fi Tafsir al-Qur’an al-Karim) which I hope will continue until it becomes a master and doctorate of the Noble Qur’an Sciences.

“I thank Allah, the Most Exalted, then thank you for the great effort that you make every minute in this blessed program … You can not believe me if I tell you that I always pray for you since the time I enrolled in this great program .. In fact, I am unable to thank you, no matter what I tell you, and whatever I write .. I once again appreciate your much efforts in this blessed program. How not and you teach the book of Allah these very large numbers and they are from different nationalities, different cultures, and different of ages, through not direct education but online, and this is much more difficult.. I cannot describe to you my admiration of your program .. I read the interpretation of Almokhtasar, sometimes I cry .. Is it the intensity of joy with this beautiful easy and organized program? .. Or is it the joy for knowing the words of Allah? And we always recite the Qur’an but we are in a hurry .. May Allah forgive us.. The blessed Moddaker program gave us the opportunity to be alone with the book of Allah .. I can not describe my feelings of joy as I read the interpretation or solve the questions of the part .. But I do not tell you except Allah’s thanks. Thank you .. and may my Lord bless you .. Go ahead .. We are thirsty for such programs. May the Lord protect you, whether the managers among you, or employees, or everyone who has a relationship with this program … may Allah protect those who are responsible of it, and bless them, their ages, their health, their children, and all they possess … and excuse me for prolonging … excuse me … and may Allah’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you.”

“Millionth of thanks as a result of getting the certificate, and by Allah I felt that joy of receiving a document of graduation, how much morale and happiness it raises!, may Allah reward you with a lot of goodness.”

“Moddaker” .. urges to read a book of interpretation. I ask Allah to benefit us with it and make it a key to good and reward you with good”.

“With success from Allah after the age of 68 years, I read and learn the interpretation of the Noble Qur’an with you, and I am one of the learners of Almokhtasar, wishing Allah’s success for me and you”.

“I feel honored enough while reflecting upon the words of the Lord of Glory … and the feeling of asceticism in this whole world, while I turn my eyes at one verse and another and their interpretations”.

“May Allah reward you with goodness for this beautiful Moddaker Program. My happiness could not be described after understanding the meanings of the Noble Qur’an”.