Sūrat al-Kahf Course

Sūrat al-Kahf Course is one of the open courses which Moddaker Program provides to the public audience.
It aims to present the meanings in Sūrat al-Kahf in a simplified manner, so that all Muslims can understand it, regardless of their background.

Course certificate

Available for everyone, anytime and anywhere

Comprehension questions for each lesson

Audio readings for each lesson

Course Detail

🔸The Course is divided into 6 Lessons including Sūrat al-Kahf.

🔸The curriculum of the course is available in PDF format with audio readings for each lesson.

🔸There are comprehension questions for each lesson to check the understanding of the student.

🔸The student must get the full mark in the Lesson’s Quiz to be able to open the next Lesson, There are an infinite number of times to retest.

🔸After completing studying all lessons, there will be a Final Course Exam that includes (20) questions.

▫️The course is passed when achieving a score of 80% or more in the course Exam.

🔸Those who do not achieve the passing score in the course can take a new test with a higher difficulty only once.

🔸All quizzes and exams in the program are open-book.
You are allowed to open the PDF files to search for the answers.

🎉The successful student obtains the certificate immediately after passing the course test.

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