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4. External Links:

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5. Certificates:

5.1. “Moddaker” program grants three types of certificates to the students according to the following requirements:
5.1.1. “Pass-level Certificate” For successful students at one of the levels of the program.
5.1.2. “Certificate of Completion” in the program: For successful students at all levels of the program without entering the comprehensive test.
5.1.3. “Moddaker Diploma”: For those who pass the comprehensive test in the textbook..

5.2. The program certificates are electronic with a verification code for each student.

5.3. The student receives the certificates through his/her account on the platform of the program after the fulfillment of the requirements.

5.4. The program’s certificates are signed by the General Director of “Alborhan Association for Serving the Sunnah and the Qur’an”, without implication of any obligations (legal, academic, or other) from “Alborhan Association for Serving the Sunnah and the Qur’an” or the “Moddaker” program towards the holders of the certificates.