General Plan of the Study

  • The study of the book “Almokhtasar fi Tafsir al-Quran al-Karim” is divided into levels followed up with periodic tests for measuring the extent of the student’s understanding..
  • The beginning of the study is with an introductory level: The content is Surat Al-Fatihah and the last two parts of the Quran (29,30).
  • Daily lesson:
    – PDF file.
    – PNG images.
    – Audio clip MP3. (without verses).
    – Audio clip MP3. (with verses).
  • Comprehension questions are posted in Google form (optional and not counted for grades).
  • Tests of the parts are taken through students’ accounts on the platform, or through the test link that is timely posted.
  • Five grades are for the test of each part. They will be added to the total grade of the student in his record on the platform.
  • After completing the introductory level, the student will have a week of preparation for the test. The grades of the test are twenty added to the total grade in his record on the platform.
  • The student passes the introductory level if he scores fifteen grades or more in the total of his grades, then obtains the “Pass-level Certificate”, thus he is eligible to continue studying in the program according to a schedule will be announced later by the Program Administration.


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