Program Features & Admission Requirements

Program Features

  • The program is free, no financial fees for registration and study are required.
  • No certificates are required.
  • No specific age is required.

Admission Requirements

  • To join the program, you are require to fill out the registration form on the platform.
  • The ability to follow the program according to the proposed plan.

Following points should be taken into consideration

  1.  The E-mail must be valid and written correctly when registering; for confirmation and acceptance.
  2.  The name should be real and not fake.
  3.  The student joins one of the appropriate learning interfaces for him/her:
    – Special Telegram channel for lessons.
    – Facebook groups.
    – “Moddaker” e-Learning Platform.
  4. Commitment to public morals, behaviors, and ethics of the seeker of knowledge.