Helpful Factors to Continuation

Because of the status of this honourable knowledge and the importance of its learning, following is a set of tips that help you to continue until to successfully complete and get the fruits of the program:

  • Being sincere to Allah the Almighty, seeking His help alone, and insistently praying to Him to grant you success in learning, understanding, reflecting, calling to the Qur’an, and practicing it as He likes to be practiced.
  • Being serious in the study and keeping conscious about the greatness of knowledge you acquire.. Because whoever knows the honour of what he seeks for, he does whatever it requires. And whoever knows the great reward, it is easier for him to persevere for its sake.
  • Remember that you are striving to be among the best of the people; because in the authentic hadith: “The best amongst you is the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it” narrated by Al-Bukhari. The scholars commented on the foregoing hadith by saying that: “Teaching the Qur’an’s letters and meanings are meant implicitly in the hadith. Rather, learning its meanings is the first aim of teaching its letters, for the fact that it increases the faith, as Jundub bin Abdullah, Abdullah bin Omer and others said: We learned the faith, then we learned the Qur’an, so it increases our faith.”
  • We recommend studying the lessons in your free or less busy time as much as possible.
  • You can – if a hard copy of the approved book is available – comment on it to help you confirm your understanding.
    And if you have a hard copy of previous editions of the approved book, you can study reading it while being careful to add comments concerning the modifications in the most recent edition published in the channels of the study.

  • If the hard copy of the approved book is not available, it is highly recommended to have your own notebook for the lessons of the program to keep record of the meanings of the Qur’anic vocabulary, the themes of the Suras and the beneficial points of the verses, with a permanent review throughout.
  • Encouraging family, friends and those you know (at school, university, neighborhood or mosque) to participate with you in the program, then cooperate in studying its lessons.
  • Be keen to study all the lessons on time, and do not postpone the lesson of today to the next day ..The backlog is one of the reasons that makes the program so heavy on you, and if you are encountered by much distraction, then try to read the total amount of the week in one day in order to catch up, and do not give up no matter how late you are.