Helpful Factors to Continuation

Helpful Factors to Continuation

The heaviness and length of some educational programs with one having much unrelated concern; might be a cause of disruption. Therefore, we recommend a set of ideas that will help you continuing in this program until completing and getting the promising fruits:

1- Keep in mind the greatness of what you acquire

Because whoever knows the honor of what he seeks for, he does whatever it requires. And whoever knows the great reward of it, it is easier for him/her to persever for its sake.

2- Remember that you strive to be one of the best people

Ibn Taymiyyah, may Allah have mercy on him, commented on the Hadeeth: “The best among you is that who has learned and taught the Qur’an.” Narrated by Bukhari. He said: the foregoing saying meant that: “Teaching the Qur’an’s letters and meanings. Rather, learning its meanings is the first aim of teaching its letters, for the fact that it increases faith, as Jundib bin Abdullah, Abdullah bin Omer and others said: We learned the faith, then we learned the Qur’an, so it inceases our faith.” Majmoo al-Fatawa, (13/403).

3- Make sure that not to be alone

It is highly recommended to be with a certain group to continue the program, whether with your family or colleagues of study or at work, or the neighbors of the mosque or others.

4. Do not postpone the lesson of today to the next day

The backlog is one of the reasons that the program is so heavy on you, and if you are encountered by much distraction, then try to read the total amount of the week in one day in order to catch up, and do not give up no matter how late you are.